Monday of the Seventh Week of Easter

Spring always reminds me of how quickly things can change. Just a few weeks ago, a dark and cold Spokane winter signaled its apparent eternal presence. Yet in just a few days warm weather quickly transferred the city into a mass of flowers and foliage. Academic careers, like spring, seem to happen quickly. As fast  as it seems takes a dandelion to go from sprout to seed, students move from lost souls to jobs building bridges and teaching at schools.

The faster time seems to go the more I become aware of its value and the need to prioritize its use. Ignatius recommends, as means of making a good decision, imagining how you best used your resources looking back over your life. Of all the resources God gives us, time perhaps is the greatest gift and how we use it should be given some serious thought—if we had the time…

May 13th, 2013