Memorial of Saint Vincent de Paul, Priest

In today’s gospel, the apostles find Jesus in prayer.

If the reports we read are true, then Pope Francis is above all else a man of committed prayer. In his most recent interview, he mentions the importance of the breviary, the Eucharist, adoration, and mental prayer in his daily life. These are the daily bread that nourishes his spiritual life. Far from routine performances, they are daily communion with the Living God.

Prayer is the source of Christian radicality. Those who pray are not liberal. They are not conservative. They are not even moderate, if by moderate we mean one who shies away from taking strong stands. The one who prays is only concerned with the truth of God. The one who prays cannot be constricted by trite formulae, nor blown about by the winds of fashion. The one who prays experiences the constant newness of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus is one who prayed as no other. He was thus the one who surprises like no other. Ever ancient, ever new.

September 27th, 2013