Tuesday of the Thirtieth Week in Ordinary Time

Jesus has chosen us, called us by name in Baptism to be with Him. Where are we going? What are we doing?

In The Spiritual Exercises St. Ignatius asks us to contemplate “The Call of Christ the King,” in which we imagine being present when Jesus delivers a stirring speech to all mankind, saying, It is My will to conquer all the world and all enemies and so to enter into the glory of My Father; therefore, whoever would like to come with Me is to labor with Me, that following Me in the pain, he may also follow Me in the glory.” This Kingdom He seeks to establish with our help; what is it like? It is humble in origin—a mustard seed, yeast—but grows exponentially to a great size.

What is the mustard seed? What is the yeast? The humble follower of Christ.

Jesus plants us as a seed in the midst of the world and if we respond generously to His will, if we humbly surrender ourselves—die, if you will—that the seed may grow, Christ’s Kingdom grows from one castle in our heart to two, to four and so on until there is a vast territory. We are the yeast, the tiny and seemingly insignificant presence among the flour of society yet, if we enter fully into our service to the King, His Kingdom can rise up throughout, coming to rule peoples and lands not through warfare but rather by the willing surrender of each heart to His overwhelming love.

How do we assist Christ in establishing His reign in the hearts of all? Not by force of arms but only by first surrendering to Him ourselves; only then might other hearts come to know and love Him through us. St. Ignatius suggests the following as our response to this call:

“Eternal Lord of all things, I make my oblation with Thy favor and help, in the presence of Thy infinite Goodness and in the presence of Thy glorious Mother and of all the  Saints of the heavenly Court; that I want and desire, and it is my deliberate determination, if only it be Thy greater service and praise, to imitate Thee in bearing all injuries and all abuse and all poverty of spirit, and actual poverty, too, if Thy most Holy Majesty wants to choose and receive me to such life and state.”

Viva Cristo Rey!

October 29th, 2013