Saturday of the Thirty-second Week in Ordinary Time

The term “Hypostasis” has its roots in chemistry, which then becomes manifested in common liquids found around the kitchen.  Often times bottles of liquid say something to effect of “Shake before opening; separation of the elements may occur… sediment may appear on the bottom.”  The “True Presence” of the “substance” of this liquid is this sedimentation that when allowed to sit, settles on the bottom of the container.  The “essence” of the liquid is always there, but it may not always be visible or tangible when stirred up with action.

What is faith?  When Jesus asks his disciples in todays gospel, “When the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?” what is he looking for?  What does the persistent widow possess that Christ is illustrating with this parable?  Hebrews 11,1 defines faith as “The realization of things hoped for and evidence of things not seen.”  “Realization” is the word used in most translations for the Greek word “Hypostasis”.  If the full meaning of the word is plugged into the Hebrews definition of faith, a much deeper understanding becomes possible.  Faith is the understanding or sure conviction of what exists, of the substance or true presence of what is always there all along, although it may not be entirely visible.

God is the true reality who is always present in our lives.  How often, due the the constant action and disturbances that occur in our everyday lives, may God’s presence seem to be absent or blend in with all of the other people, events, and ideas that surround us?  Despite the many activities in our lives, may we still have faith!  May we still have the firm conviction, the sure understanding, that the Lord is present, here and now, in our midst, though we may not always see or fully grasp this love.  Just as the persistent widow in today’s parable was able to persuade the unjust judge to provide her request because she possessed faith, so may we call out to our God who we know (we have faith) is present for all that we need.  And, when our life on earth comes to its end, may we have faith, the sure conviction of what is already present here and now; the kingdom of heaven.

November 16th, 2013