Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

At this time of year, towards the end of the Liturgical year, the readings used by the Church reflect a characteristic known as apocalyptic. Frequently the idea of apocalyptic gives the idea of the end of time but in reality it inaugurates a new or different time. Throughout history, certain periods have experienced greater apocalyptic fervor, the idea that something very new and radical was about to occur ushered in by one or several cataclysmic occurrences.

Jesus warns against the interpretation of events as “signs” for some sort of tremendous change. So often we look for the traumatic where the simple and the humble actually provide the source for the most radical change.  When the temptation comes to look for signs, make sure you look for the right ones. Remember that Jesus identities the Kingdom as small things such mustard seeds and frail lamplights. Something great is in our future, as we move towards the celebration of Christmas, but that greatness is not heard in a clap of thunder or a volcanic explosion rather, in the cry of a new born baby.


November 17th, 2013