Saturday of the Thirty-third Week in Ordinary Time

Tomorrow, over a hundred thousand people will gather in St. Peter’s square and the street beyond to celebrate with Pope Francis the conclusion of the year of faith. Fundamental to the Creed is the belief in God. We may actually think of the first sentence of the Creed as the foundation and the rest of the Creed as revealed truths about that fundamental belief in God.
The Creed, our Faith, provides us with a view of the world which is fundamentally different than a world view which sees the fullness of human nature as both based on and subservient to the material world.  The faith that is revealed to us is supported by what we can know by reason, but reason alone does not reveal the fullness of what we believe to be true, but reason does not contradict these truths.
Basically, our faith is our fundamental world view. When we profess our faith, the Creed, we profess a world view of a living God who is active in the world and calling us into a relationship which demands love of that same God and love of neighbor.
Although the year of faith is coming to a close, the constant reflection of the realities and the consequences of what we profess should be considered daily.

November 23rd, 2013