Monday of the First Week of Advent

In the final chapter of the human story, Jesus will return as King in glory to judge the world and set right all that is wrong. There will be justice and salvation. All those poor and powerless who suffer constantly at the hands of the powerful and indifferent – all these will receive their due. The repentent will rejoice, and those with hardened hearts will grow more bitter. It will be a time of joy for some, sorrow for others. Yet it will be a time of completion for the healing of the human race begun countless ages ago when God assigned penance to Adam and Eve.

Yet if Jesus is this King who brings justice and salvation, why is there still such evil in the world today? This question burns like acid in the hearts of those who turn away from God. It is a real question that we all must wrestle with, but it becomes an easy excuse for those who want to turn away. The truth is that Jesus asks us to hope – to trust in the future fulfillment of this plan. He extends his sacred hand and offers to lead us along, if only we are willing to trust. Life isn’t perfect now – true. But someday, with Jesus, it will be.

December 2nd, 2013