Memorial of Saint Francis Xavier, Priest

St. Francis Xavier possessed extraordinary moral clarity. He traveled to the ends of the earth to instruct souls in basic Christian teaching and to baptize them. While away, he orchestrated a missionary movement in Europe that impacted the lives of countless people. In contrast, today we ponder and argue constantly and are collectively unsure of what is essential, what is necessary, what to insist on in evangelizing or what to leave by the wayside. We end up exhausted and uncertain.

So often, at least for me, this dithering is but an excuse. Jesus is still the way, the truth and the life. Sin still brings misery, pain and death. God is still good and deserving of all our love. The Eucharist is still the “source and summit” of Christian life. Pope Francis is challenging us to move beyond this naval-gazing insecurity and to be bold in living the faith in an inviting and joyful way.

I hope today you can spend a moment in quiet prayer and reflect on how you can personally imitate this great saint in your own circumstances.

December 3rd, 2013