Wednesday of the Third Week in Ordinary Time

Today we hear of the great promises that God makes to David: to settle him in one place, to grant him rest from his enemies, and to raise up an heir who will build a great house for the Lord. Unlike Saul, God will not remove his favor from David.

These promises make us wonder, what distinguished David from Saul that one found such favor? We cannot say that David was the perfect disciple. The story of Bathsheba bears ample witness to this. Where else could we look? Let me suggest that we look at the heart. Saul is the symbol for the pusillanimous (small-souled) man. It was Saul who too quickly doubted the promises and plans of God. It was Saul who made excuses for himself after not carrying out the ban which the Lord decreed, making way for the worship of other gods. It was Saul who viewed Dave with envy and animosity.

David, however, displays magnanimity. He willingly undertakes great feats under the Lord’s inspiration. It is David who will not shed the blood of Saul when the latter is delivered into his hands. And it is David who whole-heartedly admits his fault after it had been revealed to him.

David is magnanimous because he has the boldness of a son. David knows who he is in God’s sight, and this fact inspires within him tremendous freedom. Do you know who you are in God’s sight? Do you act out of this identity with confidence? For the Lord wants to make us sons, not slaves.

January 29th, 2014