Memorial of Saint Agatha, Virgin and Martyr

Through King David, it is possible to get a summary of the whole Jewish Tanakh. Through this former shepherd, we see how the lowliest people become God’s instruments, the importance of prophets as agents for redirection back to God, God’s fidelity to those who believe, God’s anger for those disobey, and the bountiful blessings God wishes to bestow on creation.

In this episode, we are confronted with David’s ego getting in the way of serving the Lord. Yet, with the help of prophet, Gad, David’s conversion experience allows him to recognize he, the king, should bear the responsibility for his faults and not his people. At end of the First Week of the Exercises, despite the fact that each person is a sinner, she or he is still a beloved child of God, regardless of the numerous and heinous sins he or she has committed. What are some moments in your life that you need to recognize your own faults and take responsibility for your action?

February 5th, 2014