Memorial of Saint Paul Miki and Companions, Martyrs

The Letter to the Galatians summarizes the life of Paul Miki and companions: “I have been crucified with Christ; yet I live, no longer I, but Christ lives in me.” Three Jesuits, six Franciscans, and their converts all entered into eternal life after being lanced to death while hanging from crosses. These individuals carried out the command of Jesus found in today’s Gospel to “go, therefore, and make disciples of every nations.”

Too often, it is easy to pass over the saints as heroes from the past; yet, the Catholic Church in China or North Korea, for example, is still heavily persecuted and people are still being martyred for their belief in Jesus. Is the faith you belief in strong enough that in a moment of persecution, you could echo the words of Paul Miki? “The only reason for my being killed is that I have taught the doctrine of Christ. I thank God it is for this reason that I die. I believe that I am telling the truth before I die.”

February 6th, 2014