Thursday of the Sixth Week in Ordinary Time

How close are the words of James in today’s first reading to those of the Lord in the Gospel. How necessary it is that I be motivated by faith, not the politically correct positions in which I am submerged: “You are acting rightly if you fulfill the law of the kingdom.” And the law of the kingdom is “love God; love neighbor, whether he is rich or poor.” Yes, but do not the poor, because they are poor, demand our greater concern?

James identifies the rich as those who exploit the poor, those who bring court action against the poor, those who are blasphemers of God’s own people, the poor. Then he says, if I show favoritism toward the rich, I commit sin.

The poor? In our society today are they restricted to the economically deprived? Cannot I identify Christ’s poor with students in so-called Catholic schools where the faith is not taught and where morals are based on false, p.c. values? Or maybe with people who attempt to run their businesses, rest homes or hospitals according to moral principles? Or those who actively defend the sanctity of life and the true concept of marriage…?

The challenge is:  What am I doing for the poor? How can I better serve them?

February 20th, 2014