The Resurrection of the Lord (Easter Sunday)

It is Easter Sunday morning. Three of the Risen One’s disciples discover the tomb is empty. The reaction of each is different but in each faith is enkindled.

Mary Magdalene is beside herself. She runs off to find the apostles. She has need of others to steady her faith. Others support awakening faith. Too often we fail to make progress faith-wise because we fail to seek out help, support from others. Magdalene can be a model.

Peter looks into the empty tomb and says nothing. In him there is a bitter return after a cruel denial. Time and patience are needed to pass from infidelity to belief. Sin leaves scars. Growth in faith cannot be forced. Peter can be a model.

Finally there is John. He sees; he believes. The transition is smooth and easy. God gratuitously gives such grace. If we have been given faith like John’s, we should give thanks. John can be a model.

April 20th, 2014