Saturday of the Fifth Week of Easter

None of us wants to be rejected.  However, Jesus warns us we may be rejected if we follow him.  He says, “If the world hates you, remember that it hated me first.”  Notice the connection possible here.  The “third degree of humility” for St. Ignatius is a height of the spiritual life and involves desiring to be with Christ in suffering rejection.  We desire this not because we are masochists, but because of our closeness with Christ.  Yesterday we heard Christ call us His friends.  A dear friend will want to be with you even, and especially, in your darkest moments.  Christ our Brother, Savior, and Friend suffered greatly, and many of His people continue to suffer terribly.  What risks or realities of rejection have we faced in our fidelity to our Lord and to the least among us? 

May 24th, 2014