Friday of the Sixth Week of Easter

The conclusion of May, particularly in Europe, concludes a special moth of devotion to Mary. Throughout Europe, especially in the central and eastern parts, special altars are set up in Mary’s honor which reflect the traditions of the community. 

By the end of May, the Christian community has been walking with Mary in a special way since the Nativity.  From the birth of Christ in December, through ordinary time and then into passion, Mary has stood as a special witness to the life of her son. She was there through it all, especially at the passion and at Pentecost and the early Church’s recognition of her provides evidence of her importance to this community. 

Her importance has always been based on her yes to God and because of this her cooperation with God’s intentions, she helped bring about the presence of Christ. May devotions to Mary continue to remind  people of God’s action in the world, especially people with whom Mary identified herself –the poor—that God calls us all to cooperate in bringing the world into the Heart of his Son.



May 30th, 2014