Saturday of the 15th Week in Ordinary Time

The first reading from Micah speaks of “those who plan iniquity.”  Whatever they desire, they take, without consideration for their neighbor, God’s will, or their own salvation.  Any control they have is simply to further their desires.  The Psalm today likewise bemoans the suffering that occurs under such people.  In the gospels, the Pharisees take up that role.  They see the teaching and signs of Jesus, and “took counsel against Jesus to put Him to death.”  The evil in their own hearts could not even abide the good in another’s.

Jesus’ response is to pay them no mind.  He goes elsewhere and cures all who follow Him.  His response to evil is to ignore it, focusing on the good.  True to Micah, sensitive to the Psalmist’s plea, He will not remain aloof, but put an end to suffering, and to those who perpetuate suffering.  In the Spiritual Exercises, when praying over the Passion, Ignatius says “to consider that Christ suffers all this for my sins, and what I ought to do and suffer for Him.” Our service and love of God is always a response to His love, service, and graciousness towards us. Seeing the care of Jesus in the face of plots against His life, what is our response–what ought we do and suffer for Him?

July 19th, 2014