Monday of the Third Week of Advent

The Pharisees in the Gospel seem to be following directly from Sunday’s Gospel (John 1:6-8, 19-29) by asking what kind of baptism John preached about. It almost seems like a scene from an old Western movie with Jesus on one side and the Pharisees on the other glaring at each other. Instead of a gunfight, it is going to be a verbal altercation with the Pharisees being first to fire the first question, to which Jesus responds with another question, tying up the score. It’s possible to sense the tension in the air as the Pharisees debate over the question because it’s clear their first question was meant to entrap Jesus so as to have the people follow them and not Jesus. Shortly after deliberating, it is clear that they recognize the mortal wound they inflicted upon themselves and how quickly they are digging a grave for themselves. While they thought they had the advantage going into this fight, it is the Pharisees that must flee after being beaten in their own loaded game, off to go plot for round two.

Similar to the Pharisees, may we never be afraid to come before Christ with our questions and doubts, but also know that we may not get the answers we want.

December 15th, 2014