Second Sunday of Lent

Jesus invites three of his apostles to accompany him up the mountain to see him transfigured before their very eyes. The Lord also invites me to meet him, to see him. Haven’t there been special times when I have encountered him? If only I learn to take advantage of the invite, I would meet him more often in whatever I am doing.

The Lord manifests himself to the apostles in his glory as the Son of God. Thereby he announces his Resurrection. So each time I meet Jesus in my life, I find myself face to face with the Resurrected one, with the conqueror of sin and death. Encountering Jesus this way means I hear the voice of the Father telling me this is his beloved son, to listen to what he tells how I can do the Father’s will.

The apostles did not at the time understand the full meaning of the Transfiguration. Should I be surprised if it takes time for me to see when and how Jesus appears in my daily life? The Holy Spirit dwells within me to answer these questions, to give me patience and hope.

March 1st, 2015