Monday of the Third Week of Lent

“Go and wash seven times in the Jordan…” (2 Kings 5:10) This message of the prophet Elisha to Naaman the Syrian seem to have had an initially disappointing effect. Naaman wanted there to be a great sign, with Elisha doing extraordinary actions to make his leprosy disappear. But Elisha does not even go to meet Naaman face to face. He simply sends a message. Elisha relays to Naaman the small request that God has.

In the Gospel, our Lord laments those who are looking for extraordinary signs. He points to this healing of Naaman by simple bathing, and to the feeding of the widow in Zarephath, where Elisha asked only for a little food. Here we see that the Lord does not always ask huge and difficult tasks of us. Rather, He assures us that if we are faithful to His small requests, then He will work great deeds in our lives.

How faithful am I to the Lord’s small requests this Lent to pray, fast, and give to the poor?

March 9th, 2015