Monday of Holy Week

The battle of Jerusalem just began; if we interpret the battle of Jerusalem from the lenses Pope Benedict XVI’s encyclical letter Spe Salvi, this is a battle to recover the lost paradise. The recovery of what man had lost through the expulsion from Paradise was expected from faith in Jesus Christ: herein redemption. Nevertheless, a group of people believe that the restoration of the lost paradise is no longer expected from faith, but rather from the link between science and praxis. The new correlation between science and praxis would mean that the dominion over creation – given to man by God in the Garden of Eden – would be re-established. At the same time, the recovery of lost paradise is primarily associated with the dominion of reason, which will lead us to perfect freedom. Perfect freedom is seen purely as the new paradise, in which man can becomes more fully himself and attained total freedom to do whatever he wishes. Through the interplay of science, praxis, reason and freedom, a totally new world will emerge, the kingdom of man.

Mary takes side to be with Jesus; she does not make any reasonable calculation about the cost of the perfume oil. For her the most important thing is the union with Christ Jesus. She let go her freedom by being a humble servant who anointed the feet of Jesus and dried them with her hair. Perhaps it will be too scary for you to imagine that you have to join Jesus in his final battle; in that case you can imagine yourself choosing the side of Christ by anointing His feet and dried them with your hair like Mary.

March 30th, 2015