Monday of the Fifth Week of Easter

The readings today may appear complex; yet a contemplation of the life of Mary renders their meaning quite simple. During the whole of her life she kept faithful to the Word of God: becoming the mother of God’s son, bringing him into the world, giving him to others. So too, when that Word is living in me, I am able to enflesh Christ for others.

So that the Word of God penetrates my being, I should call frequently on the Holy Spirit. The Father and the Son gives him to me so that I am able to come to know the power of the Word, so that I may bring him to others, so that by prayer and action I may collaborate with others in the New Evangelization of the world today.

Now reflect on this first miracle Paul performed. He did so out of pity, kindness. Like Mary he was wed to the Holy Spirit. Like her he did not shy from networking with others. Like her he brought Christ to others. What does this show me?

May 4th, 2015