Memorial of Saint Boniface, Bishop and Martyr

I grew up in lower working class family and my family could not afford any kind of Disneyland vacation or relaxing vacation anywhere else. But I have many good childhood memories with our staying at home vacation. When vacation season comes, my mom always asks my dad to take me and my sister to the bookstore and purchase one or two of books for our vacation reading. With the simple gift of pleasure reading, my parents managed to provide their children with a joyful vacation.

Today’s first reading is the happy ending story as Tobiah returns home accompanied by Raphael the angel. The angel instructs him to apply medicine from “fish gall” on his blind father’s eyes and Tobit is cured from his blindness. Tobiah has also been successful in his business and he brings home a new bride, Sarah. As we reflect upon the happy ending story from Tobit, we can recall our good memories from the past and thank God for those happy memories. Perhaps we can learn from Tobit for expressing his gratitude at what God did for him and ask God for that same quality of joy and gratitude. Or perhaps we can ask God to restore our happy memories and make us remember how much He loves us.

June 5th, 2015