Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Jesus gives me a striking message in today’s Gospel. He inserts himself in humanity and, partaking in the social climate of the day, he identifies with others, the yeast that causes the dough to rise.

At the same time there is a paradox. He, who is God, speaking in the language of man, is not accepted by his own. Doesn’t that show how history repeats itself? His collaborators – co-laborers, apostles for the past 2000 years – repeating his message, have been, and continue to be rejected by those who hear them speak.

Wanting to be an apostle means wanting to be attentive to those about me, to those who come in to my life through the media, to all who have a need to know and embrace the Gospel message. It also means that in all I say and do I have to be a true witness to the message I announce. Not easy.  But: “My grace is sufficient for you,” the Lord tells the Apostle Paul in the 2nd reading, “for power is made perfect in weakness.”

And the condition? I should reflect on the responsorial psalm: “Our eyes are fixed on the Lord, pleading for his mercy.”

July 5th, 2015