Memorial of Saint Benedict, Abbot

Disciple/Master. This is the bond that ties me to Christ. To want to be an apostle means to accept being formed by him, and all I learn from him he asks me to hand on to others. To be an apostle is to be like him. Wasn’t he rejected? Then to be united with him means to be ready to be rejected as well, although not to deliberately bring it about.

It is normal to encounter difficulties, mockeries, rejections in any apostolic life. Usually they come in small doses, but they can also come in large sizes. I should accept them realistically as part of the game, and with confidence, taking to heart the encouraging words of the Lord in today’s Gospel.

These words can be reduced to one: fidelity.  In the midst of pain, disappointment or resentment, I must remain faithful to the Lord. Our Father is always faithful. He watches over us. As a human being I am expected to compromise with others, but as believers I am called to be faithful to my Savior to whom I am bonded as an apostles.

July 11th, 2015