Feast of Saint Lawrence, Deacon and Martyr

One of the more curious facts about the English language is that most of our “classic” English expressions or maxims come from either the Bible or Shakespeare. This really should not be surprising since the first widely edited English version of the Bible was under the patronage of King James of England in 1611 and the first edition of Shakespeare came out 12 years later in 1623.  This was a period when the English language was moving from oral discourse to written format.  We find in today’s first readings from Corinthians the basis for the expression “you reap where you sow.”  In addition, those working in the field of “advancement”  or “alumni relations” may note that today’s reading has Paul admonishing his readers that “God loves a cheerful giver,” another well-used phrase in the lexicon of fund-raising.

No matter where we stand, either on the giving or the receiving end of resources, it is always important to recall our resources are meant to advance the Kingdom of God not our own self interests. Pope Francis has made this clear in his most recent encyclical.  He identifies the environment as something affected by poor decisions and the abuse and misuse of that world which was given to us by God.  It is in this world that we must work out our own salvation and assist in the salvation of others. “All the World is a stage”, but this stage is not just a theater.  It is a very important location and set of props that we use to move ourselves and others towards God.

August 10th, 2015