Memorial of Saint Claire, Virgin

Today, the Church celebrates the memory and the life of St. Claire.  In doing so, we recognize the work of the contemplative ministry of the Poor Claire’s and by extension all men and women who have responded to the call of Christ in the contemplative life.  Some may consider the contemplative life odd or even selfish, the idea of running away from the world for the peace and solitude of vine covered monastic walls enclosing some fountain in courtyard’s center softly bubbling amidst the warbling of nightingale and lark. This evocative imagine drawn from the artists and writers of the romantic 19th century fail to capture the rather rude simplicity of most cinder block monasteries.  This vision also fails to capture the rigors of monastic life which involves a daily order of intense work and prayer. Part of that prayer involves praying for the people of God. If we hold that that the world is sustained by God and that the spiritual plays a key role in our lives, having people praying for us and keeping us before God would be seen as a very valuable activity.  Today’s feast reminds us of that silent but important part of our Christian community, those who support us by their prayers.

August 11th, 2015