Saturday of the Twenty-fourth week in Ordinary Time

In Jesus’ explanation of the parable of the sower which we hear today, He first warns about a joy in God’s word that has no roots. There are many beautiful things written in the Holy Scriptures which give us consolation, which may even prompt us to believe in God and to call Him our Lord. Calling Jesus Lord is not enough, however, we are also supposed to let the Word take root in our lives lead us actively to do God’s Will. (Mt 7:21) Another word of caution found in today’s gospel concerns what makes us anxious or pleased. If the main object of our life’s attention leads to an anxiety or pleasure which prevents us from “bearing mature fruit”, from going out into the world and doing the will of our heavenly Father, then we are focused on the wrong thing.

Jesus’ explanation of the parable of the sower leaves us with a description of Christian prayer and action. We are to let God’s Word sink deeply within us, actively listening so that the Word may guide our actions. We are to let God’s Word dispel from our hearts distracting fears and temptations so that we can be unimpeded and generous in His service. Lastly, we are to “bear fruit through perseverance.” (Lk 8:15) The sower scatters the seed in one day, but it takes quite some time before the seed germinates, sprouts, matures, and finally produces fruit. Let us turn to the Lord who is so patient, and ask Him to make us patient as well. May He bring us safely through every trial and challenge to the reward He has in store for the work of His grace in us.

September 19th, 2015