Feast of St. Andrew, Apostle

       Discipleship can feel a little bit like playing dress-up. When I was little, I had costumes that I liked to wear–police officer, firefighter, etc.–and pretend what I would be when I grew up. I would act very adult and responsible, pleased with myself. But, eventually, playtime would end and I would revert to being little. St. Andrew has a similar experience in today’s gospel–he is playing dress-up with the title “fisher of men.” Slowly but surely, though, he grows from someone who abandons Jesus at the Cross to someone who is likewise crucified. He grows into his costume until it is no longer a costume, but a vocation.
       The same can be said for all of us. When we are baptized, we are called sons and daughters of God–and rightly so. Whether infant or adult, everyone marvels at our newfound holiness–symbolized by the white robe we have put on. But then reality sets in. We are different, but the world feels the same. Slowly but surely, though, we can change. Andrew’s conversion was not overnight, and we are no different. Just as we grew gradually into adulthood with the help of family and friends, so too we grow gradually into discipleship with the help of the Church. We receive the sacraments, we encourage one another, we speak to God. And eventually, like Andrew, we can grow into the clothes of a disciple until they are no longer a costume, but our vocation.

November 30th, 2015