The Baptism of the Lord

In today’s Gospel we learn that when Christ began his public life people “were filled with expectation.” Is it very different today? Read the headlines. The world seem to get more discombobulated each day. Fruits of the dictatorship of relativism are everywhere. The desire for power, sex and money is what makes our world spin.

But if the Christian is Christ-like, he cannot stand by idly, uncommitted. We are called to be guides, not idle spectators. Today’s Gospel reminds us that each day we should come to the aid of those who seek the truth that they may be rewarded. Jesus will show us the way. How? Again in today’s Gospel we find the answer.

At he moment he began his public life Jesus was in prayer. No one can realize how he is called to be a missionary, a collaborator with Jesus in his work of redemption, unless he becomes a person of prayer. The Spirit showed Jesus the way. He will show us the way too.

Then there is the Father. Pay attention to the words the Father uses in introducing his son. To live out our baptism, to be a co-worker with Jesus in his mission, we must follow him who has made us sons and daughters of the Father at the time of our baptism. We can deepen this realization in our holy hour before the Blessed Sacrament.

January 10th, 2016