Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Alice von Hildebrand in her Memoirs of a Happy Failure went into detail about her 37 years of teaching at the secular Hunter College and the trouble she experienced in its anti-Christian environment. She had first applied for jobs teaching at Catholic colleges but they would not hire her because she was a woman. There was an opening at Hunter College. She became an adjunct.  After many years of teaching, she received no promotion and no medical coverage.  After 11 years, she became an instructor, but at the lowest possible salary on the scale. Miraculously, she was given tenure. Then, she became a successful and popular teacher because she was the only person in the philosophy department and perhaps the whole college who stood for the objectivity of truth. Through her teaching, she was able to awaken many students to the longing for truth.

In the Gospel reading, Peter realizes how he’s got it terribly wrong with his judgement, “we have worked hard all night and have caught nothing.” Despite his failure, there is a future of promise and possibility waiting for Peter. Jesus drew Peter to see so many new possibilities. Can I be more open to God and think there is a future promise and possibilities in my life rather than the failure as Peter does?  Speak to Jesus about this and ask him to draw you to see different future like he invites Peter, to not be afraid.

February 7th, 2016