Holy Thursday

This evening Jesus shows us once more what it means to empty one’s self. First, in giving us the Eucharist, he gives us his very self. He holds nothing back. He says that even his own body is for us. “This is my body that is for you.” (1 Cor 11:24) He empties himself so that we might be fed. His body, his blood, his soul, and his divinity are Jesus’ gift to those he calls his own. Others might give of their surplus. Jesus, in every way, loves us until the end. (Jn 13:1)

Next, he washes the feet of His disciples. But Peter objects, “You will never wash my feet.” (Jn 13:8) Peter cannot understand at that moment what Jesus is doing. He does not see the connection between love and service. All he sees is the one who is taking on “the form of a slave.” (Phil 2:7) Jesus teaches him, however, saying “unless I wash you, you will have no inheritance with me” (Jn 13:8) Our Lord shows the relationship that true service implies. Peter then thinks that quantity is what matters, so he asks for a full immersion washing! (Jn 13:9) But our Lord teaches him that to have one’s feet washed is enough. What is important is the love made known by the deeds performed.

Today, may Jesus show us the extent of His love, and may we seek to follow Him. When we have been nourished by Christ himself, let us truly hold nothing back in serving those whom Christ so loves.

March 24th, 2016