Tuesday of the Second Week of Easter

      If seeing is believing, then we have a problem. Jesus puts His finger right on the problem when He tells Nicodemus that because no one has seen Heaven and He has, people need to accept His testimony about Heaven. But the people are not in a trusting mood with Jesus, as they won’t even accept what was said about the things that can be seen. We ourselves aren’t much better–we think highly of people who come to their own conclusions and make up their own minds about things. But Jesus is saying “trust me.”
      How do we learn to trust Jesus? As a teacher, I would sometimes ask a question in class to alert my students to the fact that there was something they didn’t know. Sometimes, we think we have the answer until the question is actually put to us. If we try and answer the questions Jesus asks, we will find many things we don’t actually know. In coming to that point, we can come to be receptive to the testimony Jesus is giving to us, and trust in what He says.

April 5th, 2016