Third Sunday of Easter

Just recently, I had the opportunity to watch a movie on the life of Mary called Full of Grace.  The setting is a decade after the death of Jesus and the Holy Mother is in her final earthly days as she helps the early Church regain their original encounter with her son.  One of the sub plots in the movie shows the role of Peter in the early Church as he engages with heresy upon heresy, distortions of the Faith in thought and practice.  Our Lady summons Peter–because she knows she is getting ready to go to the Father’s house. The Holy Mother is able to strengthen Peter’s faith by recounting details and meaning of the Annunciation and Jesus’ life and ministry.  Our Lady advises Peter to look back at his first call at the Sea of Galilee in order to know how to go forward.

In his reflection, Peter becomes distraught when he realizes how terribly wrong  he was with Jesus’ advice to throw his net into the deep water. When Peter and his companions catch so many fish that their net starts to break, he says to Jesus, “Go away from me, Lord, because I am a sinful man.” Three years later, Jesus did the same thing to Peter when he appeared in the Sea of Tiberius.  Jesus tells the disciples “Cast the net over the right side of the boat and you will find something.” Again, they catch plenty of fish and are not able to pull the net.  Peter’s reaction contrasts from his previous reaction as he tucks in his garment and jumps into the sea to embrace Jesus. Let us pause and reflect on our relationship with Jesus; can you recall an earlier encounter you had with Jesus? How about a more recent encounter with Jesus?  Do you see any changes in your attitude in embracing Jesus?

April 10th, 2016