Thursday of the Fourth Week of Easter

Now into this Fourth Week of Easter we can begin to notice that the graces, energy, hope, and joy we experienced when coming out of the Easter Vigil or upon witnessing a baptism on Easter morning are diminishing.  This Easter season is a long and drawn-out time to reflect and contemplate on the meaning of resurrection.  And yet, the gospel for today launches us back to the situation that we had experienced on the evening of Holy Thursday.  We are revisiting the intimate yet awkward moment of Jesus washing the feet of his disciples.  Why are we bringing up these memories and perspectives now, in the Fourth Week of Easter?

To reflect upon what the humble act of service, that of washing feet, now, in the light of the resurrection is truly remarkable.  Jesus, who, before the passion, death, and resurrection, had been known to be a wise, holy, humble, teacher who cured the sick, raised the dead, and brought comfort to the poor, the sinner, and the lost.  Now, after we have come to believe that Jesus, the Christ, has conquered death, we see how this humble foot washer is in-fact  the Savior of the World.  Jesus, the Christ, has overcome death, sin, and the clutches of evil.  This Savior and Lord is the very same one who is washing his disciples’ feet.  Reflecting back on this selfless act of unconditional love, Jesus’ act of washing his disciples’ feet establishes his humble, holy, and generous care for all.  This intimate, humble, and complete gift of God’s love for us provides for us a glimpse into the divine love.  Let us have open and receptive hearts to Jesus, our Messiah and Lord, who has come into the world to cleanse us, set us free, and draw us into himself, which is unification with the Father.

April 21st, 2016