Monday of the Seventh Week of Easter

When is the last time someone was explaining a concept or an idea to you that, after a few minutes, you were as confused as when the person started to speak?  If you can recall a moment like that, then you will have an insight into our gospel reading for today.  The excerpt comes at the end of a discourse when Jesus is revealing what is to come for his friend: his eventual departure, future persecutions, and the coming of the Holy Spirit, the Advocate.  The disciples are confused how Jesus originally prophesizes to them, but Jesus sensed their confusion as they were beginning to ask amongst themselves what he meant.  He began then to speak plainly with the disciples, as friends speak to one another.  He offers a promise of internal peace through trust in him, which will be challenged in the future.

When we are faced with confusion, the more we struggle to admit we are lost, the longer our separation from the speaker persists.  Understanding what someone else is saying is also an experience of union with that person.  The confusion that divides us from Christ can take many forms: not knowing how to respond to a situation, doubts in one’s faith, frustration about what else to do with dry prayer, etc.  When we do not know how to make sense of a situation, we have to remind ourselves that Jesus offers us a path to peace and life, even though we do not feel those gifts in the moment.  Through prayer, we have the ability to speak to Jesus as a friend and state our frustration, openly and honestly.  While relief or understanding is not often instantaneous, we continue to place our trust in Jesus.

When was a recent time I felt confused in my relationship with Jesus and in my faith life?  How did I find God respond to my prayers  What do I need Jesus help to understand now?

May 9th, 2016