Pentecost Sunday

In today’s Gospel (Jn 20:19-23) we reflect on Jesus bestowing the Holy Spirit on the apostles, the very night of his Resurrection.

Was he in a rush to do so? Probably. Why? Because the apostles, huddled together in a locked room, were shaking with fear. And the result? The Spirit dissipated their fear. Do I ever experience fear? Do I ever have need of strength to face disquieting situations? Do I bring my fears to the Holy Spirit, who whispers, “Do not fear; Jesus is here and is with you, as he was with the apostles?”

Jesus also gave the disciples his peace, the peace that comes from his presence among them. Are there situations in my life when I need the same assurance? During these times do I turn to him asking for the peace of his presence, which nothing can take away?

When he gave his friends the Holy Spirit and his peace, he gave them a mission, a job to do, the job the Father had given him when he sent him to live among us: Redemption.

Through the sacrament of Penance the apostles were to be witness of the Father’s pardon and mercy. Do I take advantage of frequent confession? Do I talk to others about this all but forgotten gift of the Father that Jesus continues to bestow through his apostles of today?

May 15th, 2016