Saturday of the Seventh Week in Ordinary Time

If we go back to the 1st Reading on Thursday, we see that St. James was pretty severe on the rich. Are riches evil in themselves? No. Do the economically well off have a harder time getting to heaven than impoverished? Of course not. As Jesus explains in today’s Gospel, the key is “being a child,” as far as economic riches or poverty are concerned. What does that mean?

A child is simple. He is not distrustful of making contact. For him everything is new, he is full of wonder and confidence in his parents for what he receives. In addition to these characteristics, children are, as Jesus says elsewhere, “those who hear the word of God and keep it.” Translated: they are free from the pull of material riches in doing God’s will.

The Father then fills them with grace. They use the riches they have been given for the building up of the Kingdom. They become the “salt” about which I meditated yesterday.

Far from being “childish”, they are like children who trust in their parent; yet not held back by the fear of opening up to future challenges.

May 21st, 2016