Thursday of the 10th Week of Ordinary Time

We are meant for more than we know. Jesus says in the gospel today how even though the Old Law commanded us to a basic peace with our neighbors, we are meant for a perfect communion with those around us that exists even in our hearts. What’s more, Jesus tells us  that those who fail to have this communion “will be liable to fiery Gehenna.” This seems like a small punishment for perhaps just nursing a small grudge in the back of my mind, until we consider what salvation truly is. Salvation is about more than just being basically nice and good to others–it is about being made like God, who in the Trinity is a perfect communion among persons.
         We are meant for more than we know, and for more than we are able to attain on our own. It doesn’t take long for us to realize that the communion between the persons of the Trinity isn’t really found in its fullness among persons here on Earth. But God gives us examples in each of the Sacraments of what it looks like to pour out love without reservation. Above all, in the Eucharist we witness firsthand the Son giving HImself fully to us just as fully as He gives Himself to the Father and the Spirit. Through the Sacraments, we are invited to a fuller communion with others than would have ever been possible on our own so that we may become more like the Triune God, and, in doing so, attain salvation.

June 9th, 2016