Saturday of the Sixteenth Week in Ordinary Time

Jesus’ parable in today’s Gospel invites me to take a realistic, optimistic view toward myself and a patient attitude toward others. God sows good seed in generous portions everywhere. Then the devil comes along and sows bad seed. Weeds appear, but God lets them thrive.

Good grain is mixed with bad. That is a fact of life and it is no use complaining about it. I must accept it.

It is useless to concentrate on my weaknesses alone and wish others were different. The Lord accepts me, as I am to work with others as they are in the world as it is.

God alone can teach me that true patience is not sterile resignation, but absolute confidence in the Master of the Impossible. By his power and love and with my cooperation God can change weed seeds into wheat seeds.

Prayer teaches me to be attentive to the worth of everything in my life, wheat and weeds alike.


July 23rd, 2016