Memorial of Saints Joachim and Anne, Parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary

When we are faced with trials, there can be direct effects on our spiritual life. We may have reason to believe that our own sins have brought on a sort of spiritual dryness or emptiness. Such is the state that Jeremiah senses in today’s first reading. (Jr 14:17-20) Yet, St. Ignatius teaches that there may be other causes for such a sense of emptiness. Perhaps we have become a little to full of ourselves to the exclusion of others and of God. Perhaps we are simply having our faith proved. (cp. 1 Pt 1:7)
Regardless of the cause, we are encouraged to remember the words of the Psalmist and of our Lord. The psalmist asks for deliverance, not because of anything he has done, but for the sake of God’s Name. (Ps 79:9) So no matter what, we should always trust in the Lord’s Mercy. Furthermore, our Lord looks for good fruit. (Mt 13:38) May he give us the grace to bear fruit ourselves and to help others to do the same, as St.s Joachim and Anne led Mary to become the handmaid of the Lord.

July 26th, 2016