Memorial of St. Martha

Letting the Lord form us does not guarantee material prosperity or comfort. Look at how Jeremiah is treated when he prophesies, he is threatened with death. He was not prophesying to the Gentiles, nor to those who had abandoned religion, but to those who went regularly to the Temple. The Lord listened to him for His name’s sake, and he, like the psalmist, was made a reproach for the Lord’s sake. (Jr 26:8, Ps 69:8-13) St. Teresa of Avila is quoted as once saying, after her horse tossed her into the mud on her journey to reform a convent, “Lord, if this is how you treat your friends, it is no wonder that you have so few!” Fidelity to Christ does not remove all difficulties from life, and it may even bring some trials.
And yet, let us recall what we prayed for on Sunday: to treat what is passing as passing so as to possess what is lasting. This is a grace which our Lord gave to St. Martha in abundance. When she worried more about getting dinner ready than the One she was cooking for, He told her “Only one thing is necessary.” (Lk 10:42) Thus, He reminded her of the primacy of God even in the midst of business. Then, in the face of the crushing death of her brother Lazarus,  He proclaimed “If anyone believe in me, even if he die, he shall live.” (Jn 11:25) May our sacrifices, united with Christ, confess our belief that He is the Resurrection. St. Martha, pray for us!

July 29th, 2016