Commemoration of St. Peter Chrysologus

Today we hear of two faithful witnesses to the Lord who have two different reactions to their message. Jeremiah, who initially was threatened for prophesying that the priests needed to change their ways, is spared by the princes who listened to the Lord’s message. (Jr 26:16) St. John the Baptist, however, suffers imprisonment and beheading. (Mt 14:3-12)
Sometimes we have more mission left and are left where we are, like Jeremiah. At some point, however, our mission is complete and the Lord moves us to a new place, a new people, or eventually brings us to Himself as He did with St. John the Baptist. Let us beg the Lord to help us keep in mind what is the mission and goal He is giving each of us right now. In order not to be discouraged in our faithfulness to the Lord’s call, let us remember our success is not judged by what others decide. Fidelity to Christ is ultimate success.

July 30th, 2016