Memorial of Saint Clement, Saint Columban and Blessed Miguel Pro

Jesus tells us in today’s Gospel that because we believe in him we risk being persecuted. Maybe not (at least not yet) as dramatically as our Coptic brothers who had their heads lopped off on a Libyan beach simply for not denying Christ, not embracing Islam. But persecuted nevertheless in more subtle ways.

Ever since Christ’s death on the cross, Christians have been persecuted. Some have shed their blood. But for all, there is no way to remain faithful to Christ without courage. It is virtue I should pray for every day.

The three saints whose feast we celebrate today were exceptional witness of courage in different periods of history. Read the lives of Clement, Columban and Miguel Pro and pray that they obtain for all of us today that same courage that that so distinguished each one of them

I shall pray especially today that that same virtue be given to our brothers and sisters in Islamic lands and also for Catholics in the medical, legal, clerical, political and education professions in our country today.

November 23rd, 2016