Monday of the First Week of Advent
“Let us go rejoicing to the house of the Lord!” (Ps 122:1)
Throughout this season there is joy to be found in waiting for the Lord. This joy comes from contemplating who it is who comes. Isaiah tells us that the Lord is the one who will purify and protect us. Neither sin which sits within our hearts, nor enemies who sit outside our doors shall act as obstacles to the coming of the Lord. Rather, the Lord God comes to purify our hearts, and to reconcile us with our neighbors, so that we might be sheltered as one by His glory.
Again, do we desire His coming to be with us as the Lord desires this coming? Today, let us consider what in our hearts needs to be purified. Perhaps I am holding a grudge against someone. Perhaps I have neglected those in need around me. Whatever our malady, let us turn to the Lord with the confidence of the centurion. (Mt 8:5-8) What we need to do is honestly present to the Lord our hearts which need healing. Let us admit that we are not worthy that the Lord should enter under our roof, but let us also confess His power which can heal our souls by simply speaking the word. He is the one who will prepare us for His coming.
November 28th, 2016