Friday of the First Week of Advent
By now the works of one who is entering into the Advent season should be clear. As we hear the Gospel proclaimed, Jesus manifests Himself as the fulfillment of Isaiah’s prophecies. Just as we hear of Him healing the blind, so too he is the one who gives hearing to the deaf, who brings joy to the lowly. (Is 29:18-19)
Consider what it would be like to be one of those blind men mentioned in today’s Gospel. (Mt 9:27-31) They pass their life without sight, and when they cry out to Jesus and stumble towards Him, they feel the touch of His hands upon their eyes. After this, they open their eyes and they can see. What would be the most important thing for them to see? Perhaps each other. Perhaps they would want to know what they themselves look like, or their surroundings. Yet, it seems to me the most important sight that their newly healed eyes could take in would be the face of Jesus. Our Lord gives us eyes so that we can see what is beautiful in this world. And there is nothing more beautiful than the One who is above all things and who loves each of us with an infinite and eternal love.
Today let us ask for an increased desire for the Lord’s coming. Let us pray, “Thy kingdom come” with great expectation, because we know that King who rules that kingdom loves us and offers to us who are lowly a joy that is true.
December 2nd, 2016