Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children

Legal protection for unborn children.

Yesterday the Walk for Life took place in many cities of our country. The readings for today’s Mass help me recapture and reflect on that event.

The 1st reading asserts that Christ is equal to God the Father and that there are consequences for us Christians in whatever he teaches and does. Jesus’ word is God’s word; his battle is God’s battle.

When he responds to the scribes in the Gospel, Jesus maps out his job description. The Father sent him into the world to confront Satan, and in this conflict there are no possible compromises. His followers, who wish to participate in his victory, must adopt his plan of action and fight alongside him.

He instructs us what the victorious weapon is to assure victory: reliance on the light of the Holy Spirit. He who refuses the Spirit wraps himself in darkness, where it becomes more and more difficult to see the light. He then stumbles and falls victim to Satan, the enemy.

I will pray today particularly for those in the front line of the defense of the unborn children of our nation, for those modern-day scribes who dally with compromise, flirt with darkness, and for an increase of the Spirit’s light on those in the back lines in order that they may become even more embolden by the combat.

January 23rd, 2017