Memorial of Saint Thomas Aquinas, Priest and Doctor of the Church

We are men and women of faith. What is faith? St. Thomas Aquinas might say it is the force that propels us on with certitude toward the future, the invisible. As I have seen in this week’s meditations, it is union with Christ. It expresses itself in doing good works, in my collaboration with Christ in bringing that same faith to others.

The 1st reading of today’s Mass tells me that, beginning with Abraham, the faith of those who have gone on before me is an invitation to judge all and live in conformity with faith in God. In the Gospel Jesus sleeps surrounded by his terrified disciples. Can I identify with them? Indeed I can! How often have I floundered in the waves of doubt and fear while Jesus seems nowhere near!

At the call of the disciples Jesus awoke, calmed the sea and reproached their lack of faith. Fear is a natural human reaction, but it should be confronted by faith. When intimidated, I should with the greatest confidence have recourse to the Lord. It is only He who can give me confidence. That’s faith. Abraham and his followers exemplify that reality, as does so many relatives and friends of mine who are now glorifying God with Abraham and his minions.

January 28th, 2017