Memorial of St. John de Britto, Bl. Rudolph Acquaviva and companions, Jesuit Martyrs of the Missions
Today in the Gospel, we see Christ at work tenderly caring for the disciples by leading them out to the desert where they can have a little rest with Him, and then caring tenderly for the crowds by teaching them. “The Lord is my Shepherd; there is nothing I shall want.” (Ps 23:1) With these words we confess that Christ’s work of tender care does not stop with just the disciples and crowds we hear about in the Gospel, but extends to us today. As the letter to the Hebrews prays, “May He carry out in you what is pleasing to Him through Jesus Christ.” (Heb 13:21) God is at work in us through Jesus Christ.
     This is why obedience that springs from love is reasonable, and why the letter to the Hebrews can also state, “Obey your leaders and defer to them.” (Heb 13:17) If God is at work in us, then He will also be at work in those whom he gives the special grace of leadership in the Church. Let us honor God with our minds by seeking to be understanding of the ways in which He is at work in our fellow Christians, especially our pastors and bishops. May this honor be shown in our desire to work together with them in loving service of all of God’s children.
February 4th, 2017