Fourth Sunday of Lent

Question: What is he Lord telling me in today’s Gospel? Answer: I was born blind. But at my baptism I entered the world of light enabling to me to see how Christ continues to work with me and with others, improving our sight.

Also, he tells me that Lent is the time when I can improve my vision. It is the time that prepares me for the Holy Saturday night Mass that celebrates Jesus who conquered the darkness that shadows the world in which I live. He tells me I must be a bearer of light to all who come into my life. Am I ready to accept it? I’ll re-read the Gospel to see.

I notice the blind man was brought little by little to see. Then he had to answer questions about how he obtained his sight. The questions clarified who it was that so blessed him. Result: When he met Jesus again, the encounter was more intimate because the person of Jesus had become more real. The cured blind man became a man of faith.

Has Jesus become more real to me during the past few years of my life? Have the challenges I’ve met regarding faith made my encounter with him more intimate, more trusting?

I will pray today for light to see better his face.

March 26th, 2017