Saturday in the Octave of Easter

Even though the Apostles had heard that Jesus was risen from multiple sources, “they did not believe.” While we might be inclined to forgive them for not believing such an incredible event, after Jesus first appeared to the Apostles He “rebuked them for their unbelief and their hardness of heart.” Fear of being wrong can prevent us from knowing the truth. Fear and other concerns had kept the Apostles from believing. If their hearts had been more open, they would have been able to believe as Mary Magdalene and the other disciples had.

Every day this week, we have seen a different account of Jesus revealing the Resurrection. We have seen empty tombs, appearances on the road, and entrances through locked doors. We have seen Jesus reveal the Resurrection through the words of others, and we have seen Jesus reveal the Resurrection through appearing directly. The question now stands whether we will have the same hardness of heart as the Apostles, or believe in the truth that Jesus is trying to give us. Like the Apostles, our hearts can be hardened by any number of concerns. We must ask Jesus to open our hearts, so that we can rejoice in the truth of His Resurrection.

April 22nd, 2017